Why am I being fined?

Citations are issued to retail businesses and eating establishments found to be in violation of the Reusable Bag Ordinance. Administrative Citations are issued after at least two official notices have been mailed to the business. If you need copies of previously sent enforcement letters—the Official Notification letter or Notice to Correct Violation letter—please complete the Contact Us form.

Citations may be issued for:

  1. Providing single-use plastic bag(s),
  2. Failure to charge minimum amount ($0.10) for recycled paper bag(s) or reusable bag(s)  [retail stores] or failure to charge minimum amount ($0.10) for reusable bag(s) [eating establishment], or
  3. Failure to itemize the charge for reusable bags on customer receipt.

Please refer to the table on page 1 of your citation letter to determine which specific violation(s) was/were witnessed at your location.

On the date of the citation inspection (listed on your citation letter) an Authority Representative observed that your business was in violation of one or more of the Ordinance requirements. Subsequently, the inspection was approved by enforcement staff, a representative from the jurisdiction the business is located in, and, finally, the Enforcement Officer before the citation was issued.