For Restaurants

You may have inadvertently received a letter regarding the new law that was intended for retail stores.  Please note the requirements for restaurants and other eating establishments differ from retail stores.  Please take a moment to review the following information specific to eating establishments:

  • Beginning November 1, 2017 all public eating establishments including restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bars  and others selling prepared food and beverages may no longer distribute single-use plastic checkout bags to customers for their take-out food.
  • No bag charge & no receipt itemization when restaurants give out compliant recycled-content paper bags to customers.
  • Compliant reusable bags (including thick, reusable plastic bags) may be distributed if a minimum of $.10 is charged to customer and itemized on the receipt.
  • The law only applies to carryout bags, not to paper or plastic bags without handles that are used to protect food (such as around containers of soup or stew to prevent spilling).
  • If your restaurant is not a 'brick & mortar' store (e.g. Flea & Farmer's market stalls), no changes are needed.