When can I expect to be inspected again?

Stores who received notification that they are in violation of either "Distributing Single Use Carryout Bags" and/or "Failure to charge or charging an insufficient fee for paper bags or reusable bags" will have 30 days to correct the violation.  The Alameda County Waste Management Authority may send a representative to your store anytime after 30 days from the date on your Official Notification to re-inspect the store for compliance.

Are plastic bags labeled or sold as “compostable” or “bioplastic” or “biodegradable” allowed as reusable bags?

The Alameda County Reusable Bag law requires a “reusable bag” to meet certain performance criteria, as verified by an independent laboratory, to be considered compliant.  Plastic bags labeled or sold as “compostable” or “bioplastic” or “biodegradable”  generally do not meet the specifications of a compliant reusable bag under the Alameda County law.&n


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