Violation 4(b) – 3(o): Providing Non-Compliant Reusable Bags

Upon inspection, it was determined the reusable bags distributed at point of sale are not compliant under Ordinance 2012-02 bag specifications

How to Correct: 
  • Cease and desist distributing non-compliant reusable plastic bags and start selling reusable bags  that meet the specifications of Ordinance 2012-02.  
  • Start purchasing compliant reusable bags (or switch to compliant recycled paper bags). 

Although the bags your store is distributing may have the word "reusable" printed on the bag, it is not compliant reusable bag under Ordinance 2012-02 unless it meets all of the following criteria listed on the Specifications for Reusable Bags page.

A listing of reusable bags compliant with Ordinance 2012-2 can be found here: Compliant Reusable Bags.

Suggestion: You should request from the bag distributor or manufacturer you get your bags from test results and  certification that the reusable bags being sold to you meet the requirements of Ordinance 2012-02 .  Please refer to Testing Reusable Bags. 

Options for your non-compliant bags:

  • Return non-compliant bags to your distributor or manufacturer.  Let them know these bags are NOT compliant with Ordinance 2012-02 and ask them to stock only compliant reusable and recycled paper bags.  Refer them to the specifications and testing requirements for complaint bags on the Bag Specifications page.
  • Sell bags to stores not affected by Ordinance 2012-02.  Restaurants, cafes, retail clothing stores and non-food retailers currently are not affected by Ordinance 2012-02.
  • Donate bags to a non-profit retail shop such as Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, Thrift Town and others.